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How to brushed kitchen sink?- XHHL Sink Factory


How to brushed kitchen sink? Let me show you.

With the improvement of people's living standard, the consumption consciousness is enhanced. Now more and more people choose to buy kitchen sinks directly produced by stainless steel sink manufacturers. In addition to the first-hand wholesale price, stainless steel sink manufacturers will also popularize some basic knowledge of kitchen sinks to consumers. For example, what is the effect of polishing?

The abrasives selected by XHHL Sink Factory are all imported abrasives , and the surface grain of the kitchen Sink produced is smooth and delicate, with few scratches. Absolutely ensure the beauty of the basin body, with the cabinet, the effect of the presentation is better and more high-grade.

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How to brushed kitchen sink?- XHHL Sink Factory
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It is well known that  the sink is one of the kitchen building materials appliances used daily, so a sink in addition to the quality of a problem and we are very concerned about the appearance of the problem, 

so how to produce a beautiful sink?

"Grinding" this process exists in the stainless steel sink, because the grinding needs manual work, the general stainless steel stretch sink is formed by stamping mold, so it is rarely polished. In fact, polishing includes more details, but the quality of the polishing effect has a very obvious impact on the whole kitchen sink. So XHHL stainless steel sink manufacturer chooses abrasive abrasive are imported, we have three polishing line, first by the automatic grinding machine, and then by each manual inspection and manual polishing finishing details, produced by the kitchen sink surface texture is smooth level off is exquisite, perfect surface treatment to ensure that every cistern, present the better effect in your kitchen is more upscale.

XHHL Stainless steel sink manufacturer specializing in the production of stainless steel sink 20 years, with cUPC international product qualification certificate, stainless steel sink industry benchmark, has served 500+ enterprises at home and abroad. Welcome to consult.

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