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Kitchen Faucet Water Test

Kitchen Faucet Water Test

Kitchen Faucet Water Test ,Every faucet must be 100 percent kitchen faucet water tested before leaving the factory.

1, the faucet is placed on the test table of the water tester, according to the prescribed time (15 seconds) to apply water pressure 2.OMPa, before the test blow off the air in the faucet.2, the pressure of 0.7MPa is applied to the faucet, the test table combination is immersed in water, and then check whether the faucet has cracks, leakage or other bad.



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Kitchen Faucet Water Test ,Every faucet must be 100 percent kitchen faucet water tested before leaving the factory.

Kitchen Faucet Water Test Equipment

 1, pressure system The pressure system shall be able to produce a specified test pressure without vibration or pulse. For this purpose, a static water reservoir or pump may be used. The hydrostatic pressure test uses water, and the system can provide the required pressure without flowing. Pressure test to use compressed air, the system can provide the required pressure under the condition of no flow.2, the end of the connecting faucet should be fixed with a suitable table, and connected with the pressure system. The water inlet software pipe or special fixture can be connected. Note: The pressure device should be connected to the water inlet of the faucet. The test of each faucet of the combined faucet should ensure the integrity of each faucet. And take appropriate measures to protect the tester. For air pressure tests, measures are required to sink the component into the pool. For the extraction type faucet, the outlet should be able to free water, for the separation type faucet and hose faucet, the outlet of the faucet should be connected with a water flow control valve, to ensure free water or resist the pressure system to stop the flow, water pressure test, free water should be air and easy to see. For air pressure tests, the free flow requires bubbles from the pool.3. Manometer The manometer must be calibrated, be in service, and display the required test pressure with an error of not more than 2%.1 Note: Digital or simulation manometers with the same or greater accuracy may be used.

Kitchen Faucet Water Test ,Test steps

1. The hydraulic test procedure is as follows: (a) Install the faucet on a suitable test bench and connect the water outlet or inlet to the pressure system.(b) Open the faucet and the water flow control valve, if appropriate, to let the water flow freely into the air to vent the air, ensuring that there are no water droplets or droplets outside the components.(c) The procedure is as follows: (i) Tap. Close the faucet (outlet is free to discharge water), apply pressure to the inlet to test pressure, observe the seal of the inlet connection, and maintain pressure for 10 to 25 seconds.(ii) Press the faucet and hose faucet. Open the faucet, close the outlet flow control valve, apply pressure to the entire faucet assembly to test pressure, observe the seal of the end connection, and maintain pressure for 10 to 25 seconds.


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New design or idea are welcome, we have a professional R&D and design team .but new products will be produced by the new mould ,The cost will be discussed how to be deal with.


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