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Jiangmen XHHL Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of kitchen sinks and faucets in China. XHHL Sink factory have more than 20 years of industry experience, supplying many brands in the industry, We provide OEM and ODM services, with professional process technology and many years of industry experience. We have factories in China and Malaysia, No anti-dumping duty. Designed in China, delivered in Malaysia, with more competitive prices, and professional technology, stable quality, win-win concept. If you want more information about our factory, Please follow us.

Take Photos With Customers at the Exhibition
ABOUT USTake Photos With Customers at the Exhibition In USA.XHHL Sink manufacturer has 20 years of manufacturing and export experience.We supply many brands worldwide and also participate in exhibitions in the USA. Our kitchen sink and faucet products are very popular among local customers.XHHL Sink manufacturers have factories in China and Malaysia, and have more competitive prices for North American customers.For more information please contact us.


New design Kitchen Sink and Faucet Supplier & manufacturers | XHHL
New design Kitchen Sink and Faucet Supplier & manufacturers | XHHLStainless Steel Farmhouse Workstation Sink Kit with Faucet.Gun black topmount kitchen sink is designed with ledges at the front and rear to provide tracks for cutting boards and other accessories, thereby saving space. The sink becomes a working platform. You can place cutting boards, roll racks, The drain basket is on the sink, giving you more space for operation.For more kitchen sink and faucet please feel free to contact us


Professional Stainless Steel Sink &Faucet Factory Manufacturers
Professional Stainless Steel Sink &Faucet Factory ManufacturersOur factory has been one of the leading manufacturers, with more than 15 years industrial experience in China and Malaysia. All of our sinks and faucets are with CUPC certificate. We are sure that we can provide the competitive product with best price and the patiented service.Please Contact us.


Stainless Steel Bathroom Sink Above Counter Modern Vessel Basin PVD Nano Coating
Stainless Steel Bathroom Sink Above Counter Modern Vessel Basin PVD Nano CoatingBathroom Sink Art Wash Basin 304 Stainless Steel Basin Sink Above Counter Washbasin.Stainless Steel Construction Bathroom Sink PVD NANO Tech Coating.Not only is this stainless steel bathroom sink aesthetically pleasing, it is made of 3mm thick material and is more durable.We have squares, rectangles and circles, gold, rose gold, black ,gun black and so on,more options to your kitchen.For more style please contact us.


What a New Style Stainless Steel Wash Basin - XHHL
What a New Style Stainless Steel Wash Basin - XHHLStainless Steel Gunmetal Black Bathroom Sink is made of TRU 304 stainless steel material. Above Counter Modern Vessel Basin PVD Nano Coating 14 Inch Round Sink With Pop Up Drain.Luxurious design Stainless steel wash basin, this beautiful vessel sink has been thoughtfully designed to create a high-end look with its unique shape, thin minimalist lip and bold gun metal black finish.Gun black bathroom basin is suitable for any decoration style. Compared with the traditional ceramic design, this basin is more suitable for your daily needs.XHHL Sink Manufacturer aways follow the trend of building materials industry,for more style sinks please contact us.


How to produce handmade sink?
How to produce handmade sink?let'show you how to produce handmade sink.First; Laser cutting raw material, laser cutting  can cut any shape,we can cut original kitchen sink shape.Second; We should bending kitchen sink material.Thirdly; Welding Kitchen Sink by handmade.Fourthly; Each kitchen sink is brushed by machine and then the details are manually brushed to make the surface of each sink look perfect.XHHL Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturer for more industry experience please contact us.


What a nice kitchen sink and faucet
What a nice kitchen sink and faucet——XHHLThis is the most popular kitchen series,Nano PVD Black Kitchen Sink and PVD Matte Black Kitchen Faucet.PVD finishes make sinks and faucets not only better looking but also more durable.This high class T-304 grade stainless steel sinks are made with heavy 16-gauge stainless steel, Outer layer spraying with nano PVD technology, which is with high strength, wear resistance, heat dissipation, and corrosion resistance,easy to clean and use long-lasting.Stainless Steel Handmade Black Kitchen Sink with Pull Down Kitchen Faucet.For more style please contact us.


Stamped Sink Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
Stamped Sink Stainless Steel Kitchen SinkXHHL Kitchen Sink Manufacturer have production base in Malaysia,could send containers from Malaysia factory with low import tax.XHHL Sink Manufacturer have more than 10 Hydraulic machines for pressed drawn sinks. We have been producing stainless steel sinks more than 20 years.We have more than 100 models of stamped sink for you to choose from, and can also be customized to your requirementsWelcome to inquiry if you want to know more about us. 


Let me show you a quartz stone kitchen sink
Let me show you a quartz stone kitchen sink a popular sink in recent years.Quartz Stone Kitchen Sink is a new kind of material sinks. Quartz stone is a kind of composite stone, beautiful and durable.Because of the particularity of the material, quartz stone sink can have a variety of colors, to meet the family, studio, public exhibition and other decoration styles.XHHL Sink Manufacture follows the trend of kitchen construction products industry. We have been committed to manufacture kitchen and bathroom products for more than 20 years. For more information, please contact us.


How to brushed kitchen sink?- XHHL Sink Factory
How to brushed kitchen sink? Let me show you.With the improvement of people's living standard, the consumption consciousness is enhanced. Now more and more people choose to buy kitchen sinks directly produced by stainless steel sink manufacturers. In addition to the first-hand wholesale price, stainless steel sink manufacturers will also popularize some basic knowledge of kitchen sinks to consumers. For example, what is the effect of polishing?The abrasives selected by XHHL Sink Factory are all imported abrasives , and the surface grain of the kitchen Sink produced is smooth and delicate, with few scratches. Absolutely ensure the beauty of the basin body, with the cabinet, the effect of the presentation is better and more high-grade.For more about kitchen sinks detail please contact us.


Bar Sink Stainless Steel ADA Sink
Bar Sink Stainless Steel ADA SinkBar sink / ADA sink,Stainless steel sinks that meet CUPC certification standards.XHHL Kitchen Sink Factory could make different depth for the sink,Premium Grade 304 stainless steel,Thickness: 18Gauge/16GaugeStainless steel sink looks as great on day 3,000 as it does on day one.  The rich, uniform grain is scratch resistant for heavy-duty use, whether it's a kitchen sink or a prep, bar, laundry or commercial sink.  Light scratches, which occur with everyday use, naturally blend into the finish of this durable sink with time.  Deeper scratches are repairable with an XHHL stainless steel restoration kit.  Available in ADA depths.XHHL Sink Manufacturer could send from US warehouse for small quantities.,Welcome to inquiry. 


Stainless Steel Sink Factory - XHHL
Stainless Steel Sink Factory - XHHLPressed drawn sink, we have powerful production capacity.Stainless Steel Sink Factory - XHHL have more than 10 Hydraulic machines for pressed drawn sinksHigh-performance TRU18(real 18-gauge) stainless steelOffers industrial-grade durability with greater resistance to dents and damageWe have production base in Malaysia.And we could send containers from Malaysian factory.Welcome to inquiry if you want to know more about us.


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