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XHHL Kitchen Sink & Faucets Manufacturer.Let's show you some case.We has been one of the leading manufacturers, with more than 20 years industrial experience in China and Malaysia. All of our sinks and faucets are with cUPC certificate.We provide products for many famous brands in the world, we have professional experience in sink and faucet production,please give us the opportunity to create your brand together.Looking forward to an opportunity to cooperate with you in the near future.Please Kindly Feel Free Contact us.

How to polish kitchen sink corner?? | XHHL
How to polish kitchen sink corner?Because the installation of the basin needs to keep the cabinet operating table and the sink in the same horizontal position, so after punching the table, it is also necessary to polish the table around the opening hole slightly lower.Note: Make sure the size is accurate when polishing. The grinding around the opening hole should not be too low. Generally, the water tank can be placed in the contrast. If the water tank is placed flush between the two, it means that the grinding is just. Not enough or too much grinding will lead to concave and convex between the table, unable to maintain the unity of the horizontal position.
Kitchen Faucet Water Test
Kitchen Faucet Water Test ,Every faucet must be 100 percent kitchen faucet water tested before leaving the factory.1, the faucet is placed on the test table of the water tester, according to the prescribed time (15 seconds) to apply water pressure 2.OMPa, before the test blow off the air in the faucet.2, the pressure of 0.7MPa is applied to the faucet, the test table combination is immersed in water, and then check whether the faucet has cracks, leakage or other bad.
Pressed Sink Production Supplier & manufacturers | XHHL
Pressed Sink Production Supplier & manufacturers | XHHLHi everybody, I'm Martin. Nice to meet you again. Today I would like to show you around our Pressed Sink Production workshop and take a look at some of our Drawn Sink production details. First of all, all of our materials will be covered with PVC film, which is used to protect the surface of stainless steel and prevent it from being scratched during the whole manufacturing process. After we finished our material cutting, we came to the stretch processing. Since the raw material is little bit strong with 18/16 gauge thickness, we need two steps for stretches processing. After the first initial molding, we will have second time accurate stretches, which can effectively prevent the deformation of the sink and make it more durable. Thank you for watch our pressed sink production.For more detail please contact us.
China Stainless Steel Sinks Manufacturer - XHHL
China Stainless Steel Sinks Manufacturer - XHHLXHHL Stainless Steel Sinks Manufacturer more than 20 years of industry experience, professional technology.We have more than10 stainless steel sink production lines with a monthly capacity of 70,000 stainless steel sinks.The Cutout for Drainer,We could make different Cutout for different market.We can produce different stainless steel sinks according to your needs,XHHL Stainless Steel Sinks Manufacturer strive to inspire and empower consumers by creating kitchen fixturesthat raise industrystandards of quality, functionality, value, and style.For more detail please contact us.
Professional Handmade sink production manufacturers
Professional Handmade sink production manufacturers - XHHLHello everybody, I'm Martin. Have a nice day. Today I would like to show you our Handmade sink production processing.First;The welding processing for the sink body and corners.Next ; The brushed satin processing after welding. XHHL Kitchen Sink Manufacturer Professional in all kind of sinks and faucets with cUPC certification.For more detail please contact.
Nano Kitchen Sink—— How to made Nano Sink?
Nano Kitchen Sink—— How to made Nano Sink?Nano Kitchen Sink It's one of the most popular new kitchen sinks right now,It can make different colors on the original stainless steel, which is a new type of surface treatment to make your kitchen more personalized.Nano PVD Technology Kitchen Sink,The sink outer laver is made of nano PVD technology, which is with high strength,wear resistance, heat dissipation and corrosion resistance.XHHL Sink Manufacturer can customize different colors according to your requirements.For more further discussion please contact us.
How to Printing a Logo for your product?- Custom Logo Kitchen Faucet
How to Printing a Logo for your product?- Custom Logo Kitchen FaucetOur sink and faucet provide free printing custom logo service, make your brand more personalized.We use advanced laser marking instruments, according to the drawings can print out the graphics you want.Laser marking is the use of high energy laser beam irradiation on the surface, instantaneous into heat energy, light energy to make rapid evaporation, surface and carved on the surface of any required text, graphics and images, we can provide free logo printing service, also can help you design the logo, build your brand.For more custom service please contact us.

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