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Locates at Jiangmen City (the beautiful hometown for overseas Chinese) in Zhujiang delta, Jiangmen city near Macau and Hongkong with convenience water and road transport system. Jiangmen XHHL stainless steel manufactory is a factory combines with strong development . The factory was base on high quality, competive marketing price and good management. The novel design, good quality, wide variety of kinds, and the completed supporting make the produces highly recommended by all the customers from USA, Europe, Middle-east, South America and any other big or medium cities in China.
High Quality——Life of the company
Our company applied the advanced kitchenware manufacture equipment and technology, use #304 steel plates from Japan and Korea as material, after being polished, stained, high pressure sandblasted, electrolyse pearl surface and other surface technique plus the sound deadened, & temperature difference protected spray coating process, the ideal quality of sinks of our company has been created.
Novel Design——Roll Booster of the company
We listen to every clients about their need of high quality sinks, to make sure to get perfit stale and bring forth the fresh, to make our produces with new shape and image, high quality and various of kinds.
Corporate culture——build the soul for
centennial enterprise
All river run into sea, Great with Capacity, just like the name of our company "heli'(together) which simply signifies that our company pay attention to unite strength from all respects, pay attention to balance the benefit among our company, consumers, suppliers and our staffs, what we suggest is both win business relationship.
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